BMW i8 with laser light technology

Audi and BMW were in a hard competition for the first series-production readiness automotive laser light. BMW has won the competition and offers laser light as a standard for the limited BMW i8-series.

The automotive laser light is a combination of laser diodes and LED diodes. The range of headlights is incredible 600 meters. This is a doubling of the LED range.

Reducing the risk of blinding is important when dealing with high luminous power. First of all the headlight flasher is only operating with the LED-diodes to protect oncoming traffic. 

Furthermore a headlamp main beam-assistant prevents blinding other traffic. The innovative system adapts the light range continuously. A camera system detects other traffic and pivots the left headlamp to the outside. The light cone opens up like a pair of scissors and the oncoming traffic will travel in the opening dark "light tunnel". If the oncoming traffic is detected by the low beams of the BMW i8 the headlamp main beams are automatically switched off.

The laser light system is operating with three blue laser diodes. A yellow phosphorus leaflet in front of the laser diodes converts the blue laser beam in a diffuse white light. Compared to LED technology the output of laser light is 30% higher at 30% less energy consumption.

Offering a series-production readiness laser light to the market is a marketing and image campaign for BMW. Currently the high production costs of the laser light system are not made for the high volume production. By the way the BMW i8 with laser light is priced by 126,000 Euro.