Optics made from plastics

optics made from plastics

Injection moulding technology is ideally suited to the efficient series production of plastic parts. The production process is designed to achieve optimum replication with consistently high quality.

Innovative processes permit the production of optical components with the utmost precision (surface roughness less than 2 nm). New materials are a part of this development. We are happy to advise our customers on the selection of the correct plastic.

The manufacture of optical components and systems made of plastic provides a range of advantages:

  • cost-efficient series production
  • consistent replication with the highest optical quality
  • design freedom (complex forms and geometries are possible)
  • assembly functions can be integrated in a component
  • low part weight (a factor of 4 compared with glass)
  • finishing with optical coating possible
  • break resistance

Optical polymers

  • PMMA (z.B. Plexiglas)
  • Polycarbonat (z.B. Makrolon)
  • COP (z.B. Zeonex)
  • COC (z.B. Topas)
  • weitere Thermoplaste