Jahr Licht - Polyoptics

International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies in 2015

Light is highly relevant to humans, animals and plants. It is a central component of science and culture. Light is more than general lighting. It is actively used in medical technologies or of communication.

Many anniversaries of important publications and developments in science of optics happen in 2015. Just two impressive examples: 400 years ago French engineers developed the first prototype of a solar-powered machine. 200 years ago Fresnel published his first research results about the wave theory of light.

In Germany the German Physical Society (DPG) is patron of the Year of Light. They organized events with issues such as light pollution, saving light or the development of energy-efficient light sources. 

For more information about the International Year of the Light and the Light-Based Technologies in Germany please visit the official website www.Jahr-des-Lichts.de.