large scale lenses

New 800 ton machine to manufacture large-scale illumination lenses

The trend towards large-scale lighting systems has just begun. Currently the technology changes from the traditional fluorescent lamps to innovative LED lighting systems including illumination lenses. 

polyoptics GmbH, a leading specialist supplier for illumination lenses and systems made of plastic, expands its machinery with a new 800 ton injection molding machine to satisfy the increased requirements of the customers.

The production of illumination lenses is a challenge to the technology. With length up to 600 mm the illumination lenses are a major part of the lamp design. Compared to conventional fluorescent lamps the a LED lamp systems with illumination lenses offer different emission characteristics (such as deep, broadband or double-asymmetrical-beam).

The different beam characteristics of the illumination lenses are generated by the different beam shapes of the integrated lenses. The requirements to the precision and size accuracy of the illumination lenses are really high to achieve the defined illumination effect.

Typical applications for LED lighting systems with illumination lenses are production halls, warehouses, parking garages and supermarkets. For instance narrow-beam lighting systems are perfect to light up high racks up to 10 m.  The narrow-beam illumination lenses guide the light deep down to the floor and just the fronts of the shelves.