Diamond Turning Technique for Optical Prototyping at polyoptics

  • Opto-mechanical solutions and metrology services that secure high quality and flawless design
  • Carving out high precision profiles in a faster and more efficient way with CNC machinery
  • Rapid optical prototyping for platforms relying on optics and imaging
  • polyoptics freeform micro-optic design and fabrication services

polyoptics has an extensive in-house design expertise to manufacture products with a flawless design and high quality. Having both optical and mechanical design services, polyoptics can provide an integrated opto-mechanical solution for your product, while various metrology capabilities secure confidence in the manufacturing process.

Standard optical fabrication methods are typically time consuming and cost-sensitive and there are numerous applications that require custom optical components starting at the prototyping stage. Since prototyping often requires short design-to-part time cycles and quick implementation of design changes, the lead time and expense of custom optics become ineffective and impede further development of the product. At polyoptics we understand that an easier and faster optical fabrication method that meets prototype standards would be significantly more useful for such situations. That is why, we incorporate diamond turning method executed with a help of diamond turning CNC machine which carves out high precision profiles from the plastic. This can be applied at 3D systems and allows complex free-form surfaces to be created. It is also cost-sensitive since such a method prevents extra expenditure on high precision equipment.

diamond turned plastic optics

The plastic optics processes bring polymer industry to the next level, where even glass optics can stand no competition. The polymer optics process chain includes but is not limited to optical and system design, prototyping, injection molding, coatings, and component assembly. Regardless of the product, collapsing product life cycles make rapid prototyping critical to the success of devices, instruments, and platforms that rely on optics and imaging. With new technologies being introduced at a breakneck pace, decreasing the time it takes to develop prototypes has become a necessity. The faster you prototype, the faster a product can get to the market. Depending on your timeline and sourcing requirements, there are several different solution spaces for rapid optical prototyping such as utilizing stock components, modifying stock components, or creating custom solutions.

polyoptics’ freeform micro-optic design and fabrication service is essential to the manufacturing. Our micro-machining process technology does not require a mask set or mold, resulting in no up-front tooling charges for prototypes. We have a complete portfolio of services from just fabrication to complete optic design, product development and system verification. Our specialists can fabricate parts directly from a drawing, work with customers to optimize an existing design, or provide an entirely new design to meet the customer’s performance specification. We can create complex optics integrating multiple spheres and prisms or manufacture any arbitrary freeform refractive surface. polyoptics employs fast tooling when creating microstructures, while reserving slow tooling for manufacturing free forms. Unlike alternative approaches that use complex and costly manufacturing processes, our micro-machining process and other means of production can deliver results quickly and cost effectively.