Micro lens below 0.1g


As leading specialist supplier for optical components and systems made of plastic we think holistically and see the bigger picture - even on a small scale. The development and automated production of micro lens with a weight of less than 0.1g per part is our expertise.

Both the micro lens and the conventional optical lenses refer to the same laws of physics. Differences show up in the mold design, cooling and automated handling process.

For a micro lens the areas of application are numerous. Especially in medical technology and small camera systems (lens diameter less than 3mm) a micro lens is an often used component. The weight of less than 0.1g limits the size of the micro lens. In relation to the component size the importance of optical quality increases.

Precision is the key to success for the automated manufacturing process. High precisely removal and handling processes prevent damage to the micro lens. A fully automated assembly process of multi-lens systems complete our services.