Light guide


Light guides are ideal for ambient lighting or backlighting. The light (normally a LED diode) is laterally coupled into the light guide. A micro-structured surface with precisely calculated coupling-out structure creates a homogeneous illumination of the light guide.

Hitting the coupling-out structure the light generates a homogeneous illumination effect. The directional characteristic is defined by density, size, angle, edge sharpness and depth of the micro-structures.

The production technology and the process are not new to the market but we developed them further. The micro-structured surface of the tool insert is created by an innovative process using a high precision laser. Geometric freedom of the light guide is only one of several advantages using the laser technology. Optical component lengths of more than 500mm as well as 3-dimensional shapes can be created with this process.

The characteristic of the micro-structured surface leads to an enormous homogeneity of brightness. A changing perspective of the viewer does not affect the light guide brightness. The field of application is wide.